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Ni Njoman Juliasih is a Lecturer in Universitas Ciputra. She joined Universitas Ciputra since 2021 and currently part of Medical Doctor Profession Education.

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  • Management Kesehatan
  • Tuberculosis

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International Proceeding

  • Double Burden of Women during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Pita Putih Indonesia (PPI) Womens Health: Social Capital and Resilience During Covid-19 Pandemic (2021)
  • Preventive behavior transmission of covid 19 based on health belief Model. International Conference on Infectious and Tropical Diseases (2021)

Formal Educations

Year Level School/Institution/University
1983 - 1987 S1 Universitas Airlangga
2004 - 2006 S2 Universitas Airlangga
2013 - 2018 S3 Universitas Airlangga