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Dr. Luky Patricia Widianingsih, S.E., M.S.A. (HumBis), CSRS., CSRA

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Dr. Luky Patricia Widianingsih, S.E., M.SA (HumBis) is a Assistant Professor in Universitas Ciputra. She joined Universitas Ciputra since 2019.

Masters and doctoral education is taken at Brawijaya University, Malang. She went through the world of practitioners in industry before finally entering the world of academia as a lecturer since 2009.

Expertise in Managerial Accounting, Environmental & Social Accounting, and Qualitative Research.

She currently serves as Editor in Chief of the MAPI (Media Akuntansi dan Perpajakan Indonesia) and JAEF (Journal of Accounting, Entrepreneurship and Financial Technology) journals. It has been accredited by Sinta. In addition, she is also the Coordinator of Quality Assurance at the Accounting study program.

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Formal Educations

Year Level School/Institution/University
2005 - 2007 S2 Universitas Brawijaya
2017 - 2022 S3 Universitas Brawijaya