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Christina Sudyasjayanti, S.Pd., M.M.

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Christina Sudyasjayanti, S.Pd., M.M. is an Assistant Professor in Universitas Ciputra. She joined Universitas Ciputra since 2017 and currently part of International Business Management Lecturer. She hold her Master Degree from Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta on Marketing, focusing on advertisement, consumer behavior, and green marketing.

Research Context & Interest

In order to fulfil consumer needs, who work from home, people need technology adoption since every activity are connected to the devices and internet. People usually use their mobile phone and laptop to help them get their jobs done, as well to get entertainment during pandemic. In order to get entertainment from home, people optimizing the use of internet through their devices. Hootsuite on January 2021 find out the reasons of internet user during 2020, 63% use internet for browsing, 56,3% to stay in touch with friends, and 55,6% want to get the newest information, 51,9% researching how to do something, and 51,7% watching videos, TV, and movies. Online streaming of entertainment is important for adults who trapped alone on their home, moreover during this covid19 outbreak. Netflix is the most popular OTT (over-the-top) streaming service all over the world. Netflix started to provide online streaming for their consumers since 2007. OTT  services offers video content through the Internet or IP based transmission path (Federal Communications Commission, 2013). OTT services combine several contents such as movie and music; platforms such as apps and social network platforms; and devices such as TV, PC, and smartphone (Shin et al., 2016).This is a new phenomenon of people behaviour toward entertainment during covid19 outbreak. It would be interesting to revealed the understanding of intention to use Netflix by lonely customers.

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