Yohan Christian Suisan

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dr. Yohan Christian Suisan, M.Ked.Klin., Sp.KFR.

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Academic rank:

Yohan Christian Suisan, M.Ked.Klin., Sp.KFR is a Lecturer in Universitas Ciputra. He finished his study from Airlangga University in 2020. He joined Universitas Ciputra since 2020 and currently part of Medical Doctor Profession Education. He is also practices as a PMR specialist since 2021.

Author Pages

ORCiD https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2943-721X
Google Scholar https://scholar.google.co.id/citations?user=8QT7cfAAAAAJ
SINTA https://sinta.kemdikbud.go.id/authors/profile/6764828


  • Medical
  • science
  • rehabilitation
  • regenerative medicine

National Journal indexed by Sinta

National Proceeding

Formal Educations

Year Level School/Institution/University
2006 S1 Universitas Airlangga
2015 S2 Universitas Airlangga