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Higher Education A-Accreditation for Universitas Ciputra Since its founding 15 years ago, Universitas Ciputra accepts its students with a full commitment to the development of quality education as we continuously innovate and improve ourselves to provide the best for our students.

We praise God Almighty for His grace and blessings and thank all parties for their support and trust, from which we were able to achieve the Higher Education A-Accreditation.

We are truly grateful that with this achievement, Universitas Ciputra is not only one of the recipients of the A-Accreditation amongst other great universities, but we are also the youngest university in East Java and the fourth youngest university at the national level that have received the accreditation.

This achievement is the driving force behind our passion in working and providing the best in the world of education for the development of the Indonesian people as a whole. Let’s continue to work and innovate.

Salam Entrepreneur!!!

Civitas Academica