Laurensia Maureen Nuradhi

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Laurensia Maureen Nuradhi, S.T., M.M., G.P.

Profile Picture Laurensia Maureen Nuradhi.jpg

Academic rank:

Laurensia Maureen Nuradhi, S.T., M.M. is an Assistant Professor in Universitas Ciputra. She join Universitas Ciputra since 2006 and currently part School of Creative Industry and School of Entrepreneurship and Humanities 

Teaching Experienced:

  • Lecturer in history and architectural theory, a lecturer in the head of a design studio in the department of interior architecture
  • Coordinator and facilitator in project-based entrepreneurship courses. 
  • Involved in the curriculum planning team and learning activities in the two departments (interior architecture and entrepreneurship) as well as teaching learning trainings for fellow staff at the university and outside the university as trainers and guest lecturers. 
  • Teaching learning trainer that is the focus is the application of design thinking and entrepreneurship competencies in planning learning activities in SMA, SMK, Universities and Corporate.
  • Trainer, Mentor and Facilitator Focus on Problem Based Learning, Design Thinking and Business Model Creator

Design Experienced:

  • Founder and Principle designer in Jean Maureen and Partner, Architecture and Interior Design Consultant


  • Kauffman Global Visitor 2021
  • Magister Management in Universitas Ciputra 2022


  • The Challenges Of Family Business Succession Process In Creative Industry: A Case Study Of Three Architecture Firms In Indonesia Maureen Nuradhi1, Lili Kristanti2 Present In The 5th International Conference On Family Business And Entrepreneurship
  • The Challenges Of Family Business Succession Process: A Case Study Of Two Major Batik Peranakan Entrepreneurs In Pekalongan And Solo   International Journal Of Family Business Practices
  • Opportunity Recognition: Gender And Family Business Background Comparison   International Journal Of Family Business Practices
  • When Words Of Mouth Isn’t Enough For Design Firm Channel, International Conference Of Entrepreneurship               
  • How To Integrate The Green Building Movement And Environmental Education Program For Youth In Indonesia
  • Experiencing The Environment For Innovation In The Kauffman Global Visitor Faculty Program 2010 A Testimony By Maureen Nuradhi, Universitas Ciputra
  • Paper Presentation (With Team):  Creative Economy And Entrepreneurship, In Higher Education Contribution For Indonesia Creative Economy Seminar, In Indonesia Institute Of Art, Jogjakarta, Indonesia January, 21th 2009        
  • Paper Presentation:  An Application Of Pbl For Studio Based Learning In Teaching Basic Design Concept, In International Pbl Symposium, Republic Polytechnicsingapore March, 8th 2007  


  • Entrepreneurship Modules, UC Venture Creation Manual 2020 (1 book)
  • Module, Create Your Entrepreneurial Journey in Tourism 2021 (4 books)

Community Services: