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Prof. Dra. Jenny Lukito Setiawan, M.A., Ph.D., Psikolog

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Prof. Dra. Jenny Lukito Setiawan, M.A., Ph.D., Psikolog is a Professor of Counselling Psychology in Universitas Ciputra. She joined Universitas Ciputra since 2007 and currently part of School of Psychology. She has interest in the areas of Marriages and Families. She is also the Director of Universitas Ciputra Center for Marriages and Families. 

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  • Family Dynamics
  • Entrepreneurial character
  • Marriage
  • Parenting
  • Counselling

International Journal indexed by Scopus/WoS

National Journal indexed by Sinta

National Journal

International Proceeding

  • Assessing Entrepreneurial Attitude Among Undergraduates. 2014 International Conference of Organizational Innovation (2014 ICOI) (2014)
  • Meaningful Support for Creating Young Entrepreneurs. International Conference on Entrepreneurship Education 2014 (2014)
  • Examining Entrepreneurial Social Support Among Undergraduates. International Conference of Organizational Innovation 2013 (2013)
  • Entrepreneurship Education as Life Challenges. AAICP 2012 (Asian Association of Indigenous and Cultural Psychology International Conference) (2012)
  • Entrepreneurship Program Assessment by Students Outcome on Their Perceived Entrepreneurial Characteristics.. The 4th Indonesia International Conference on Innovation, Entrepreneurship, & Small Business (IICIES 2012) (2012)
  • The Importance Of Marriage Enrichment Program In Improving Happiness And Well-Being. Proceedings 4th Asian Psychologycal Association Conference (APsyA) (2012)

National Proceeding

  • Menjadi Entrepreneur: Tantangan Dalam Pertumbuhan Pribadi Untuk Mencapai Hidup Yang Bermakna. Temu Ilmiah Nasional Psikologi “Peran Psikologi Dalam Mengelola Kesehatan Mental (2012)



Formal Educations

Year Level School/Institution/University
1986 - 1992 S1 Universitas Padjadjaran
1999 - 2000 S2 University Of Nottingham
2000 - 2004 S3 University Of Nottingham