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dr. Florence Pribadi, M.Si.

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Academic rank:

dr. Florence Pribadi, M.Si. is a Lecturer in Universitas Ciputra. She joined Universitas Ciputra since 2015 and currently part of Medicine.

Author Pages

ORCiD https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3284-5801
Google Scholar https://scholar.google.co.id/citations?user=CzAWZZcAAAAJ
SINTA https://sinta.ristekbrin.go.id/authors/detail?id=6669870&view=overview

International Journal indexed by Scopus/WoS

National Journal indexed by Sinta

National Proceeding

  • Review of Covid-19 Clinical manifestation, how to diagnose early and treat promptly. Webinar series: 5 levels of prevention in Covid-19 (2021)


Industrial Design

Formal Educations

Year Level School/Institution/University
2004 - 3 S1 Universitas Airlangga
2015 - 2017 S2 Universitas Airlangga